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Pineapple Thrift  in a Can

Hello! My name is Evelyn. I am a blogger enthusiast, a frugal thrifter, a travel addict, and an aspiring educator living in Southern California.

Growing up, I enjoyed journaling and deemed it necessary because of my poor memory. I got my first journal at the age of 9-a simple black and white composition notebook, which should’ve been used for my school work, but I had better plans for it. This hobby stemmed as a means of maintaining a record of my life, but became something that was necessary to allow me to reflect on myself and my passions. One of these passions is traveling. During my freshman year of college I took my first solo trip to New York City. I had one outfit and $75.00 (talk about a light packer). The excitement of this spur of the moment trip inspired me to continue taking trips like these.

Now, as I have reached my young adult years, I have transitioned to the era of blogging (although my notebook journaling is still a part of my life). Pineapple Thrift is a blog where I chronicle my daily adventures, whether they be abroad or domestic and share with you my insights, tips and finds.

Now, why pineapple?

A recent trip to Hawaii sparked my interest in the fruit. This state, probably the most interesting of the states, is known for its export of pineapples, a fruit I associate with tropical destinations. My hope is that my blog and thrift store will be representatives of this tropical lifestyle.


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