Spiritual Expedition, Hawaii

Spiritual Expedition, Hawaii
pos·i·tive ˈpäzədiv/ adjective
: thinking about the good qualities of someone or something : thinking that a good result will happen : hopeful or optimistic (Merriam Webster).
Daz, a hawtha yoga instructor, preached the beauty of positivity while I was one with the wind, the Hawaian vegetation, and the songs of the abundance of birds hidden behind bushes . I landed in Honolulu that morning, and took my first yoga class that evening.  The environment you are in has a lot of influence on who you become. When I am traveling alone I become a different person. I like who I become, but I have a difficult time keeping that state when I am surrounded by negative behaviors. I have a difficult time not engaging in the negative behaviors I surround myself with at home, but I always stay strong to my positvity. My positivity is a behavior that is natural to me, but often at home I tend to be the only one who possesses this behavior, which makes me feel alone. When I travel I find many people who I connect with. This is why I decided to pack my bag and head to Honolulu. I wasn’t enjoying the person I became in Boston. I needed to cleanse my mind and body through a spiritual expedition. I also truly missed eating poke and diving in mirror like turquoise waters.

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