Ready Coachella!

Ready Coachella!
After two years of ensuring myself and others I would be attending Coachella, I can finally say, in a few hours I- will- be- Coachella bound!
I arrived in Palm Springs yesterday, with a hiker’s bag full of Coachella inspired clothing, and ABSOLUTELY no under garments. I guess that’s not surprising, some people might argue that’s the Coachella way…right? Clearly, my mind was focused more on the outfits then anything else.
Unfortunately, I am more excited about taking pictures, the food (The Afters ice cream, waited for a year to eat a milk bun with ice cream) then the artists. After finally reviewing the lineup this morning, I was slightly disappointed. Maybe more in myself then the lineup. I came to a disappointing realization that EDM is the only music genre I listen to. My music taste is not eclectic at all! but I am opened to discovering artists at Coachella.

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