A Traveler’s Guide to Nassau- Not a Tourist

A Traveler’s Guide to Nassau- Not a Tourist
Where to Eat:  Jimmy’s Takeaway or what locals refer to the restaurant as, Jimmy’s!
Located: A hole in the wall in downtown Nassau.  It is not too far from Senor Frogs.
If you ask a local which way is to Jimmy’s he/she will be very impressed. Apparently, tourists are oblivious to real Bahamian food. Jimmy’s is a perfect place to meet locals and indulge in real Bahamian food.
Try the Saus, I prefer pig feet.
Nightlife: Fish Fry or Arawak Cay
Location: West Bay Street in Nassau.
Fish Fry is recommended by locals for food, but it is also a great lounge. I listen to dancehall and soca, and with that being said Fish Fry was an absolute blast for me. If you want to enjoy a night out dancing  to Ellie Goulding, this is not the place. Once it becomes dark outside tourists evacuate the area and locals take over.
Also, make sure you try the conch salad! I had it everyday while I was in Nassau.
Beach: Cable Beach 
You will not find many tourists at this beach, but it is definitely a beach to check out. You will not be hassled by locals to purchase goods and you will not be hassled by belligerent drunk tourists. There is a side opened to the public and a side that is for Sandal’s guests. If you sneak into the side reserved for guests you can find hammocks that are available. Besides the hammocks, the boardwalk is a must see as well.
Attraction: Ocean Atlas 
For a small entrance fee (less than $5.00) and $10.00 snorkeling gear you can experience the world’s largest underwater sculpture. Be cautious of string rays. The swim to the main sculpture and back will take you less than an hour, but don’t stop there! there is a whole garden of sculptures.

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