Travel Back to Cape Verde

Travel Back to Cape Verde



It’s somethingmeofcv I’ve said for years, I am going to purchase my first house in Cabo Verde. Now that I am 24 with a salary paying job- I am finally working towards making this into a reality. My family, friends, and neighbors are from this picturesque oasis. I constantly voice my anger toward my parents questioning, why would they ever leave such a paradise? Their response is typical of foreigners, with disappointment they reply “To live the American dream”.

Cabo Verde is a country made up of 10 islands off the coast of Africa. My mother is from Fogo, an island where the active volcano Pico do Fogo sits. My father is from Santiago or what most people refer it to, Praia. Praia is the capital of Cabo Verde. When visiting the country I spent majority of my time exploring the two islands.




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