“In Nise’s Garden”

“In Nise’s Garden”

Meet Donna Pugh

Under the Southern Californian sun, you can find Donna Pugh happily painting in her artistic sanctuary. However, it wasn’t always like this for her. There was a point in her life when painting on canvases was becoming unsatisfying, so she started playing around – exploring other things that she could paint— and eventually found her true passion.vscocam-photo-1

How did you discover your love for painting pots?

One day when I’d just finished filling a clay pot with soil and summer blooms, I positioned it on a table on the patio.  As I stepped back to consider its placement, I wished silently that the pot was colorful.  The next thing I remember is painting pot after pot in color after color.  Voila!  I had discovered my artistic niche.

Why do you love painting pots?

For the last several years it has been my constant past time.   My paintings — enshrined on pots — have a marvelous utility about them. I love painting pots because it allows me to fulfill my artistic side.  Of course, pots have such a utility about them — aside from adorning them with greenery, they can be used as canisters to hold supplies in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere.

What is the significance of your enterprise’s name, “In Nise’s Garden”?

I sell my wares under the name, “In Nise’s Garden” in remembrance of my baby sister who passed in 2010.  Nise loved beautiful things and had exquisite decorating taste. I think she would delight in my pots and the beauty I fancy they bring to elegant tabletops or any old rickety shelf.

How do you paint your pots?

I paint clay pots along with clay saucers, and wood and ceramic placards.  Most are personalized based on information friends and customers give to me about the person to whom the pot will be given.  This information might include a favorite scripture, favorite colors, or favorite pastimes and hobbies.  Based on this information I conceptualize the pot or sign, and then begin to paint.

How can someone contact you?

If you are interested in a pot, e-mail me at innisesgarden@ymail.com


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