Meet Autumn Rose

Meet Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose, a Salem, Massachusetts based yoga instructor was able to find her strength through the ancient practice, yoga. After years of uncertainty, she created Three-Season Yoga. She was able to sit with me to tell me about her incredible journey in becoming a yoga instructor.

When did you start practicing yoga and why?
I started practicing yoga in 2011, directly after discovering my spirituality. I began reading about spirituality in a book called How To Raise Your Vibrations by Sabrina Reber. At the time I felt a strong disconnect within myself. I was depressed, anxious and unsure of where life would take me. Through my readings, I became aware of the limitless power within myself. I didn’t fully understand it at the time, but the book spoke about tapping into that energy through self-compassion. It was only natural that these discoveries lead me to the physical practice of self-compassion that we know as yoga.

What or who motivated you to continue to practice yoga?
I started out by taking beginner yoga classes in Marblehead, Massachusetts. My yoga instructor at the time, Kristian Marden, taught from a place of so much love. Her energy really sparked my addiction with yoga. This woman really lives her yoga! It is very inspiring.

Blog: Autumn Yoga PoseWhat were the next steps you took in order to become better at yoga?
After taking Kristian’s classes for about two years, I began to expand my yoga by practicing on my own at home. These home sessions allowed me to explore more of my individual needs. Every time you come to your mat your body is in a different place, so it is important to have a balance of home and in-studio yoga. Once you keep practicing yoga you will become better at it.

What do you recommend for people who are interested in yoga, but don’t know where to start?
Community yoga classes are a great place to start! I highly recommend it for people who want to try yoga. Community yoga is affordable and very inclusive because the instructor will be teaching to people at all levels. The diversity of those classes are very comforting if you are new to yoga, because you’ll feel that you are not alone.

What is Three-Season Yoga?
Three-Season Yoga is an outdoor yoga series that I teach from Spring to Fall. We meet in Salem weekday evenings and practice a variety of yoga styles.

What do you want people who are interested in attending Three-Season Yoga to know?
You do not need any experience to being practicing yoga. If you are interested, you should just give it a try! Your body can do so much more then you think it can and you will learn this through your yoga.

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