A Weekend in Saco

A Weekend in Saco


“It smells like nature” I couldn’t agree more. The smell of crisp air, pine cone trees, moose tracks, fresh New England lobster, and- booze. Summer on the East Coast wouldn’t be complete without camping for a weekend in Saco, Maine. I was finally able to put my face detox wipes away and indulge my skin with the clean air. However, Saco Maine is a very different type of camping destination in the summer. It’s not your ma and pa camp outing. College students from surrounding states flock the Saco river for a summer of partying. Sadly, the college “kids” have a bad reputation here with the locals. Just like any other place where rowdy college kids take over and turn it into a spring break destination. If you are lucky, you can avoid locals completely by booking a campsite for a big group of friends. Locals should not be a concern. So grab some swimsuits, a case of beer, a group of friends, and plan on having a good time at Saco River.

What to do?

There are areas to play volleyball and places to rent kayaks and canoes. Once the camp fire is out, take a minute or two and look at the stars. I was able to see many shooting stars.
What to bring?

A lot of water equipment; floaters on floaters! Make sure they have cup holders. I would even suggest bringing animal floaters!
Food! There is not much at the campground store. Unless you can live off of beef jerky.

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