Meet Eva Johnson

Meet Eva Johnson
Pineapple Thrift’s Girl of the Moment 
     Social media is fast becoming the talent agency of this decade. It is the modern way of being exposed to a large following and it’s easier than ever. For 19 year old Eva Johnson, or Vanderdbilt to her 12,000 followers on Instagram, sites such as Tumblr and Instagram can be named as the platforms to which she owes her success. With little more than a year in the United States, Eva has already worked with well named brands and well-known photographers in the Los Angeles area. What makes this girl an Instagram hit?  Maybe it’s her fashion style, unique look, or her staple “fro” as she likes to refer to it as. I sat down with her to get to know her and get her secret to her awesome natural hair!
Who are you outside of the Instagram world? 
“My name is Eva Johnson-I am engaged. I am from Barcelona, Spain. My ethnic background is Caribbean and Chinese. I am pretty chill! I don’t like to go out to parties. I like to spend time planning outfits and looking through fashion blogs. I am passionate about fashion. I always try to keep up with what trends are appearing in fashion”.
Describe how you began using social media.
“I would be hanging out with my friends and they would take pictures. We would post them on Tumblr, but it wasn’t anything serious, we would just be hanging out. I would also post outfits on Lookbook. Then my followers transitioned to Instagram and I transitioned with them to Instagram. When I moved to Los Angeles things started to pick up. I began working with brands and photographers”.
It doesn’t surprise me that you study fashion, your knowledge of fashion transcends in your photos. How do you describe your style?
“My style is grunge and urban. I am trying to add some girly touches to my outfits because I am growing into a women. I want to grow with fashion. I am trying to expand my image and become more versatile”.
What do you want to achieve through fashion? 
“My goals in fashion are farther then Instagram. Instagram has definitely been an aid by having people know who I am at a faster rate. I want to be inspiration to girls. I am always trying to have unique pictures. I want girls to embrace their differences. I have a fro and it took me many years to embrace it. I think a lot of my followers can relate to me. I think this is the reason why  people keep going on my  Instagram”.
As an Instagram follower myself, I think what intrigues me the most about you is your hair. I just started embracing my natural curly hair after years of over processing it. I’ve noticed a lot of females with curly hair have similar issues embracing their natural hair. What were some struggles you had with your hair growing up? 
“My hair is always messy! Plus it is big so it adds to the mess. In Spain I would always straighten it and add extensions. Then when I came to the United States I began embracing it. I started to embrace it because Los Angeles is so diverse, I would see people with different types of looks and different is accepted here. I stopped using my straightening iron, I really don’t know where it is now. I’ve come to love my fro and think everyone should learn how to work with their natural hair”.
 Eva Curly
 I enjoy learning different curly hair routines because I am still trying to find my routine. What are your tips to achieving a voluminous fro? 
“I wash my hair only twice a week. I really moisturize my hair and use products without alcohol. I begin by combing my hair while wet. Then I add mousse to my hair while wet. I use my fingers to make volume. sometimes I use a diffuser for a bit and then let it air dry. I caress my hair a lot while drying it to build up the curls. It is important for us to use less products because less products equals more. I also change products. Right now I am using Coconut Curls- you don’t need pricey high-end products. Then I end my curly hair routine by adding Aragon oil”.
 Final question, What is your favorite piece in your closet right now? 
“Levi’s High waisted jeans or mom jeans. Vintage Levi’s fit and look better”.

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